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Face reading or physiognomy, is an ancient art of analysing a person’s character based on their facial features. Every facial feature – such as narrow eyes, big nose, long chin, thick eyebrows etc. – has a psychological meaning. Facial features and personality traits – such as gifts, and talents – go hand in hand.

Face reading is more than just learning about a person’s characteristics. It can also give you a general idea about your fate: past, present, and future. It is possible to actually see how a person’s life will turn out – starting from their childhood until their transition – just by reading the face! You can also get a face reading done to reveal the state of your health. The Taoist monk healers used to read faces in their diagnostic practices. They discovered that since the skin is very thin and delicate on the face, the first signs of any health problems will be revealed in that specific area of the body.

Face reading is very similar to palm reading. However, unlike the few lines of the palm, there are thousands of facial features to study. By comprehending the most important facial features, a face reader is able to interpret a person’s character and talents.

Veerjii studies the individual’s face to get clarity and answers. It involves the study of the complete face – including lines, spots, and color changes on the face, as well as the shape of the face, forehead, eyes, nose, lips, chin, jaw, etc.