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Who IsVeerjii

Veerjii in very simple terms is a visionary, a prophesier and a well-known astrologer who has been serving for the greater good of people for the last 20 years across continents. He has been getting psychic visions from a very young age and he has used this ability to learn the art of astrology to help others realize the dreams and aspirations of many. Born into a business family, Veerjii has travelled widely and made USA his home base. He completed his schooling in India before moving to the US for further studies where having completed his graduation he worked briefly with a fortune 500 company while managing the family business interests. To quote Albert Einstein, “God does not play dice with the universe”, we are all born with our numerological number and a blue print of the heavens in our hands which eventually transforms in to a person’s life journey. Life transforming visions where he was invited to visit holy places and pilgrimages, led to his realization that with this divine knowledge and with the blessings of his divine masters and Ishta Devata he learnt to use astrology, numerology and palmistry to help individuals overcome various obstacles in life along with a deep and a divine knolwdge on overcoming vaastu defects, relationship problems, marital dysfunction etc. backed by lucky numbers, lucky colours, etc. Veerjii is a seeker who has thought deeply exploring his affirmations in life, practised third eye activation techniques and has activated his own Archana Chakra. He now wants to impart his knowledge to interested individuals looking to improve their own lives. Veerjii reads your horoscope and then connects with your energy and aura. Crystal Therapy will take you on a journey of healing your mind and body as Veerjii explores crystal intelligence and sees how the crystals will combine with the seven chakras to heal and clear the energy fields.


Veerjii uses Vaastu, an ancient science, to harmonize and energize the surroundings of your home for abundance and positivity. For those who are unable to meet Veerjii, he performs Distance Reiki/Healing. Distant Reiki Healing works the same as an in-person Reiki session except that the person receiving Reiki is not in the same room. It is the practitioner’s focus and intent to send the energy to the client, and that person’s willingness to receive it, that makes it work. For Palm Reading, hand pictures will be required.
For astrological horoscope reading, Veerjii requires that you send your name, date, time and place of birth. With this information, Veerjii can answer your questions on health, relationships, career, financial forecast and much more. Astro Palmistry like other modalities as psychology, economics, and psychiatry is helpful within limits. It can be a Guide Line but is Not 100% correct. But the chances of predictions coming right are excellent and this often helps. Astro Palmistry is not to be used as a CRUTCH to lead one’s life but to be used to Heal One's Self.

Veerjii is a certified Pranic Healer and has studied under the All India Federation of Astrologists and from numerous other astrologers and palmists. He is a firm believer that a person’s karmic balance cannot be tipped in their favour without divine intervention and that one can just affirm the same with knowledge and mantras with which life can be harmonized. His achievements and accuracy in his predictions have been appreciated and acknowledged by thousands of his followers across continents. While Veerjii has helped thousands of people with his divine knowledge across the globe, he does not believe in providing testimonials to showcase his knowledge, work or his success. He truly believes that this is his Karma and through this, whoever needs help would be automatically guided to him through HIM. A strong proponent of ‘Karma’ & ‘Positive Energy’, Veerjii is a firm believer that the most important thing in life is to be happy within one’s self and all he does therefore is successfully guide people to overcome this constant yearning for satisfaction and happiness.

Veerjii is a:

1. Certified: Astrologer, Palmist, Reiki, Aura Pranic healer, Past Life Regression Therapist, Hypnotist and Pendulum Dowser, Distance Healer.

2. Specialist in: Crystal therapy, Meditation, Vaastu, Clairvoyant, Psychic reading, Removing spirit attachment and negative forces.